Kameshima Seitojo Mikawayaki Mokutan Kuro-Shichirin Large
Kameshima Seitojo Mikawayaki Mokutan Kuro-Shichirin Large
Kameshima Seitojo Mikawayaki Mokutan Kuro-Shichirin Large
Kameshima Seitojo Mikawayaki Mokutan Kuro-Shichirin Large
Kameshima Seitojo Mikawayaki Mokutan Kuro-Shichirin Large
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Kameshima Seitojo Mikawayaki Mokutan Kuro-Shichirin Large


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Detailed Specifications:

Brand: Komon 
Maker: Takahashi 高橋
Producing Area: Japan
Product Type: Mikawayaki Mokutan Kuro-Shichirin
Size: 300 x 270 x 270mm
Weight: 7300g

Comes with Grill Net 

Only available in showroom and local shipping.

Mikawayaki Konro is a type of Shichirin in Aichi prefecture. The production of Konro increased because the clay from Mikawa clay from Aichi prefecture was used with the clay from Suzu City (Ishikawa prefecture). However, at present, diatomaceous earth from Suzu City (Ishikawa Prefecture) is mainly used for Mikawayaki. Many Mikawa stove are painted in colour and/or compact sized to be placed on a table in a restaurant or used in Ryokan (Japanese classic hotel). 

Before gas stoves became popular, it was the most common item for grilling fish and vegetables at home. Because Shichirin is a high heat insulation stove and reflects infrared rays, the cooked ingredients are kept juicy, this is one of the most favourite cooking methods for Japanese chefs.

Measurement and photos are based on a random sample from available inventory.
Please understand that each item has a unique profile and colour as they are handmade and utilise natural materials.

How to Use

  • You can use only charcoal. When igniting, it is easy to ignite by using a small amount of newspaper or disposable chopsticks.
  • You can adjust the fire with the vent on the outside of the Shichirin.
  • Because Shichirin is made of clay, it can crack or break when dropped or suffers a strong impact.
  • The bottom of the Shichirin will have a high temperature when in use or after use, please do not touch when the hot charcoal is in it.
  • Please put on fireproof objects (.e.g thick wooden boards) or on the ground when you use it.
  • When you move it with fired charcoal in it, please use thick cotton gloves.
    (Chemical fibre or rubber gloves can melt so please do not use it)
  • Ventilate well when using indoors since carbon monoxide is easily generated due to the use of charcoal, it is dangerous without ventilation.
  • When grilling greasy food, it can cause a large amount of smoke, which can stain the ceiling and potentially cause a fire.
  • Do not place gasoline, kerosene, or other highly flammable materials near the Shichirin.


  • Do no wash Shichirin with water, it may cause damage.
  • Shichirin has a heat storage property and it takes time to cool down, so take out the charcoal or extinguish the fire as soon as possible after use to cool it down.
  • After use, turn the Shichirin over and take out the charcoal and ash. Basically, cleaning is not necessary, but if you are concerned about the terrible stains or doors, wipe off the oil stains with a damp cloth and scrape off the sticky staines with disposable chopsticks or wood.
  • Vent on the outside of Shichirin can be the most damaged place by ash, you can take ash out by opening/closing the vent or knocking the ash through the vent carefully.