Kronro Grill Singapore

Konro grills are a special type of Japanese grill that is most commonly used for cooking yakitori skewers. Wider versions can also accommodate larger pieces of meat, making them ideal for grilling foods like steaks. With “Konro” meaning heat source, this long and narrow grill boasts long-burning properties. The Konro grills from Japan are also the ultimate choice when it comes to cooking with charcoal. Whether you are grilling seafood, vegetables or big chunks of meat, the grill does wonders in sealing the natural flavours of the meats and imbues them with a delicate charcoal flavour that is revered by many. 


The Konro charcoal BBQ grill is by far the most compact and efficient grill design on the market today. Delivering unrivalled cooking performance and superior heat retention, it packs loads of functionality in a single unit. Lightweight, portable and complementary to most kitchen environments, it supports an enjoyable cooking experience. Also known as the Hibachi grill in the west, these grills have superior heat insulation properties. Therefore, when charcoal is used in them, you can rest assured that it will burn more easily and produce heat for longer periods of time compared to conventional ovens. Finding the perfect Konro grill that is compact enough will also ensure that they fit in small spaces, such as balconies or apartments in Singapore - get BBQing with ease!


We at Kitchin Tools in Singapore have Konro grills imported from Japan. The popular charcoal grill of choice amongst chefs, home cooks and cooking enthusiasts, this grill makes it convenient for you to enjoy delicious grilled foods in the comfort of your own home. Add a Konro grill to your cart and spend at least SGD200 and get free local delivery islandwide. For more information on our ordering and shipping processes, refer to our FAQ page. Should you have more queries on our Konro charcoal grill collection or other cookware, feel free to contact us at +65 6980 5740. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Japanese Konro Grill


Can I use Konro grills indoors in Singapore?

Yes! Grilling indoors will not affect the flavour compared to when you grill outdoors. However, it is ideal to grill food in an open area for proper ventilation. Grilling outdoors is also allowed in Singapore. But for explicit approval, please do contact the management of the residential property you reside in.

Why is the Konro charcoal grill special?

The Konro grill is made out of diatomite bricks. This makes the grill strong, and more fire-resistant. It also helps circulate heat more evenly for an amazing cooking experience. Since it allows the charcoal to start and burn for long periods of time, paired with the high-heat capacity of the charcoal, you can cook delicious barbecued food in no time. The Konro grill also adds a smoky flavour to your food, giving it a delicious aroma.

Does the Konro grill come in different sizes?

Yes. Typically, the charcoal grill made in Japan comes in small, medium and large box-like shapes. You can contact us for more information about sizes and check if our charcoal grills will meet your requirements.

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