Sharpening Services

Bring your knives back to its full potential, blunt just don't cut it!

All knives require sharpening at some point in time, much like cars require servicing. A blunt knife is inherently more dangerous to use than a sharp one, cutting should be done primarily with the knife's geometry.

"Let the knife do the work."
Gordon Ramsay

Consequently, blunt knives lead to more force than is actually required to perform the task and potentially more severe injuries.


I chose to use the A4 paper as a reference guide for the sharpening services as not everyone is familiar with the size of their knives, but I’m pretty sure everyone has an A4 paper lying around somewhere, more so than a ruler. Simply fold the A4 paper in half if necessary to find the closest match for the size of your knife.







 For knives with chips, broken tips, or other damages, we will assess the repair cost on a case-by-case basis and advice accordingly.

Work will only commence if you are acceptable of the quoted repair fees.





 Please enquire with us separately for:

  • Single bevel knives
  • Serrated knives
  • Scissors
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