Gyuto Knife

A Gyuto knife is a classic all-purpose Japanese-style chef’s knife. The perfect recreation of the Western chef’s knife, the Gyuto knife sets the standard for all knives. In a standard Japanese kitchen, the Gyuto is commonly used for slicing and chopping a variety of foods including meats and vegetables. However, the Gyuto knife has an edge profile that is slightly biased towards meat cutting. Besides its hard steel blade, it is also attached to an octagonal wooden handle known as the Wa-Gyuto. These wooden handles make for a comfortable hand grip, aiding in a precise cutting experience on top of its beauty and durability.



Known for its lightweight and thin blade, the Gyuto knife is suitable for both professionals and home cooks. The blade has a slightly rounded belly that is also accompanied by a flat spot. This structure gives the Gyuto kitchen knife versatility in its purpose, allowing for rocking strokes and push cutting. Its ability to make rocking cuts also makes it ideal for mincing, chopping, and slicing through poultry, seafood, vegetables, and fruits, all while producing clean cuts. The Gyuto knife also has a pointed tip that is in line with the center of gravity. This makes it indispensable when it comes to carving and making precision cuts in tight corners and spaces, without fatiguing the wrist of the chef.



If you are looking for a knife that can cut through just about anything efficiently, the Gyuto knife is a well-rounded knife for you. At Kitchin tools, we offer a range of Gyuto knives that are safe and easy to handle even for inexperienced culinary enthusiasts. Besides our expansive collection of Gyuto knives, we also distribute Santoku knives and other kitchenware such as knife rolls and cutting boards to recreate the ultimate Japanese kitchen and cooking experience at home.

For more information on our range of Japanese kitchen knives and accessories, contact us at +65 6980 5740 or browse through our FAQ page for answers to common queries. 




What is a Gyuto knife used for?

As mentioned, a Gyuto knife is multi-purpose in nature. Able to perform a wide range of tasks, a Gyuto knife can be used to cut a wide variety of meats, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Due to its flat heel, it supports optimal rocking motion so that you can chop, cut and mince all your ingredients with ease. 


What is the difference between Gyuto and Santoku?

Gyuto and Santoku knives have several similarities, especially when it comes to their versatility, as compared to options like the Nakiri which is specialised for cutting vegetables. However, there are distinguishable differences between the two. For one, the Gyuto knife tends to have a longer blade, a curved edge and a sharper tip, making it the perfect choice for back-and-forth rocking cutting methods. The Santoku knife, on the other hand, has a shorter blade, and less of a sharp tip. 


Are Gyuto knives good?

Absolutely! Probably one of the most indispensable knives to have in any kitchen, the Gyuto knife is a must-have. At Kitchin Tools, we offer a broad range of Gyuto knives from various brands such as Hitohira. Cart out today with orders above SGD200 and get free delivery across Singapore for free!

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