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Japanese Kitchen Knives

Japanese knives are famed to be of top-notch quality amongst professional chefs, amateurs, and cooking hobbyists in Singapore and around the world. Renowned chefs travel miles to Japan to purchase the best quality Japanese kitchen knives that are lifetime tools coveted for their delicate design and keen sharpness for precise cuts. An integral part of Japanese cuisine, good Japanese kitchen knives can preserve the freshness of ingredients and enhance the flavours of a dish when used properly. The craftsmanship of Japanese knives produces a sharp, light, and thin blade that comes in a wide variety to meet every food preparation need.



At Kitchin Tools, we offer hand-forged artisanal kitchen tools that are made to last. As the sole distributor in Singapore for Hitohira, the high-end Japanese kitchen knives, and sharpening tools brand, we boast a unique range of tools that outdo the quality of mass-produced, commercial alternatives. Besides Hitohira, we carry other brands like Morihei, one of the few companies in Japan that has a long history with skilful blacksmiths and whetstone makers, and esteemed for its flawless blade of the highest order for professionals.

From carbon steel to Damascus kitchen knives, we carry tools made of different steel, varying blade constructions, and handle shapes that will best fit every cooks’ hands. The types of Japanese knives Kitchin Tools (Singapore) carry include the 4 most common knives used in Japanese cooking:



Known as the chef’s knife, the Gyuto is multi-purpose with its ability. The knife feels sturdy in its users’ hands, and its long, thin blades are nimble enough to slice vegetables with utmost precision and heavy enough for seafood and poultry.



With a blade that is traditionally thinner and flatter, the Nakiri is used for slicing, chopping, and dicing vegetables. The slight curve, at the blunt edge of the blade, allows easy rhythmic strokes to be made while cutting through vegetables on its ample length. Without the need to push or pull on the Nakiri, delicate vegetables can be cut paper-thin without being bruised.



One of the most popular knife in Japanese homes, you’ll likely find one in every kitchen. Santoku means three virtues, or three uses (slicing, dicing and mincing). This is a multi-purpose knife with a size range that’s easier to handle especially when preparing suitably sized ingredients.



Known as the Sashimi knife, the blade of the Yanagiba is long with sharp edges to cleanly slice through fish, seafood, especially sashimi, in a single stroke.



Some of the best Japanese kitchen tools that Kitchin Tools offer include the Usuba, Takobiki, Sujihiki, Petty, Paring, and Honesuki knives, as well as whetstones and Damascus steel kitchen knives, all available online in Singapore, and shippable worldwide.