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The Best Cutting Boards

A good Japanese kitchen knife may be the most important tool for every chef. However, having the best cutting board at hand is also essential in maintaining the quality of every knife. With an extensive selection of cutting boards available in the market today, it can be challenging to sieve through all the options. From wood and plastic to bamboo and glass, options are aplenty. However, it is important to note that investing in a sturdy board that has a give to it is a must when it comes to preserving the delicate sharp edge of a knife. This is where our range of cutting boards on Kitchin Tools comes in. 



In the Japanese culinary market, there are several precious types of wood that are commonly used in crafting the best cutting boards that are of superior quality. These include Aomori Hiba and Hinoki, just to name a few. Both these woods are well-known amongst culinary experts not only because of their antibacterial properties but also because of their ability to preserve the longevity of knives. 



Aori Hiba wood is one of the best woods that an individual can use for cutting boards. Also known as the Tree of Life, or “Golden Wood”, it is a common variety of tree species found in Japan. Its soft timber is forgiving on Japanese steel kitchen knives and is concentrated with hinokitiol, an essential oil that is moisture-repellent. This high concentration of oils gives Hiba cutting boards their antibacterial and anti-mould properties. Aomori Hiba wood is also more mature and durable, providing chefs and amateur cooks with more stability with its tighter fine grains.



Kitchin Tools is the sole Singapore-based distributor of Hitohira Japan products, amongst others. Unlike other mass-produced cutting boards, ours do not warp or split when well taken care of. All products found on our online retail store are available for islandwide and global shipping. For more ordering and shipping details, look through our Shipping Policy page. For further enquiries regarding stock of our best cutting boards and services, feel free to contact us at +65 6980 5740.


What is the best material for a cutting board?

With recent revelations, it has been demonstrated that wood is the best material for cutting boards. This is because they are soft enough not to dull knives fast, but also hard enough so that you can make smooth cuts. They also do not leave residual bacteria in grooves, unlike plastic cutting boards. The Hiba cutting boards that are available online on Kitchin Tools, for example, have anti-mould and antibacterial properties.

What wood makes the best cutting board?

End grain wood boards that are manufactured from high-end wood such as Aomori Hiba and Hinoki are two of the best woods if your objective is to preserve the life of your knives. There are also edge grain woods that are also commonly used to create cutting boards. But these require frequent refinishing which might affect the quality and thickness of the board. 

Which type of cutting board is the best?

This is highly dependent on the type of food product you will be cutting on the board. Just be sure to opt for wooden boards that heal themselves so that you are able to prevent germ-harbouring grooves and maintain optimal hygiene standards.

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