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Knife Sharpening Stones

Buying a good knife is half the battle. However, maintaining its edge requires patience, skill, and practice. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, simply purchasing the best Japanese knife will not suffice in continuously maintaining the perfect blade edge in the long run. Chefs who engage knife sharpening services understand that a well-sharpened Japanese knife is pivotal when it comes to maintaining its ability to seamlessly cut through specific foods and products.

When it comes to keeping your knives really sharp, there are several effective methods of doing so. One of the methods that have been used for years is that of knife sharpening stone. A knife sharpening stone can produce a razor-sharp edge, with no real effort on your part. 

Best in class, our professional sharpening stones in Singapore are perfect for putting an edge on your knives with their superior stone quality. The grit used to polish and sharpen is an ideal choice for those who are experienced with knife sharpening and prefer manual polishing.



Japanese whetstones are considered the best tools when it comes to sharpening knives. Despite being softer than other common materials used to produce sharpening stones, they have proven to be long-lasting and durable. At present, these Japanese whetstones are quarried to meet increasing demands; therefore, the quality of the product is ensured by those who are knowledgeable of its value.

Natural sharpening stones are available in a variety of grits, from extra fine to ultra-fine. Some even feature varying levels of grit to make them ideal for specific uses. Each stone is unique, making them an excellent tool for sharpening, grinding and honing. 



At Kitchin tools, we offer the best Japanese natural sharpening stones from Morihei, an Asakusabashi based knife and whetstone supplier with over 100 years of experience. Besides our wide range of Japanese knives and kitchen tools, we carry a great selection of sharpening stones that are capable of sharpening your knives back to their original state. Shop online today! And for more ordering and shipping details, look through our Shipping Policy page.




What are some of the best features of Japanese knife sharpening stones?

Japanese stones are known for sharpening knives, and are commonly used to sharpen high-end cutlery. To this day, Japanese sharpening stones are still one of the best tools to keep your cutlery in top shape. At Kitchin Tools, our Japanese sharpening stones are made from sedimentary rocks that have high levels of silica and are fine-grained. These stones produce a slurry more quickly than other styles of whetstone, and they tend to last longer.


What are some best Japanese sharpening stones available at Kitchin Tools?

Our best Japanese sharpening stones include everything you need, from Akamatsu rough stones for heavy-duty sharpening to medium whetstones like Naniwa Yamato for everyday use. Also, we would recommend customers use cutting boards below the whetstones for further grip and handle.


Why purchase sharpening stones from Kitchin Tools Singapore?

We boast a collection of some of the finest Japanese sharpening stones and accessories in Singapore. As the sole Singapore-based distributor of Hitohira Japan products, amongst others, you can rest assured that our knife sharpening stones are of superior quality. If you have any questions about our selection of sharpening stones in Singapore, or our delivery services, call us at +65 6980 5740.

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