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Hitohira Aomori Hiba Cutting Board Medium
Hitohira Aomori Hiba Cutting Board Medium

Hitohira Aomori Hiba Cutting Board Medium


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Detailed Specifications:

Brand: Hitohira ひとひら (一片) 
Producing Area: Sanjo-Niigata/ Japan 
Product Type: Cutting Board 
Size: 235 x 420 x 30mm 
Weight: 1456g



Preparation Before Use
  • Wash both sides of a board before your first use with a soft sponge with a kitchen mild detergent, and rinse it well then put water on the surface.
  • A board impregnated with water has the effect to reduce getting food’s juice or smell into the board.
Daily Care and Keeping
  • After use of a board, please wash it using a soft sponge with a kitchen mild detergent and rinse it well, before wiping off water to keep in dry condition.
  • When you sterilize, wash it with a kitchen mild detergent first, then pour boiling water over a board. If you don’t wash it before the disinfecting, smell of foods may remain.
  • If you use bleaching agent, impregnate a board with water before bleaching to avoid getting the smell into the board.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and put a board airy place in the shade when you dry outside. Direct sunlight cause warp, transform or crack.
  • If darkening appears, wash a board using a sponge with a cleaner.
  • Darkening can be removed by polishing with 200 grit of sandpaper.
    *Note that it cannot be removed perfectly depending on the depth of scratch by knife cutting
  • Avoid using a dishwasher or dryer for cleaning board. Or influences from exclusive detergents or temperature effect might cause serious damage, deterioration, warp and crack.
Precautions for Use
  • Since this product is made of natural wood, little warp may happen. It is unavoidable due to characteristics of a material. If it happens, get a surface of a board wet, then put the convex surface up and leave it a day. It will be restored to an original condition. (*There may be a difference depending on each product.)
  • Do not dry a board by putting it into a microwave or oven.
  • Note that washing with a hard material like a scrubber might cause bruises on a board.


Measurement and photos are based on a random sample from available inventory.
Please understand that each item has a unique profile and colour as they are handmade and utilise natural materials.

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